New Millenium

New Millenium - tury Cen New sent 0-pre 200 September 11,...

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Unformatted text preview: tury Cen New sent 0-pre 200 September 11, 2001 World Trade Center & Pentagon attacked by Terrorist (Al-Qaeda) US war in Afghanistan backed around the world) Trade falls China and India Terrorist Attacks Since 2000 2000: USS Cole (Yemen) 2001: WTC 2001: Pentagon 2004: Spanish Trains 2005: London Transit System War in Iraq Fear of Weapons of Mass Destruction 2003 US & Britain invade & occupy Iraq Global Economic Crisis 2008 housing boom bursts Risky loaning practices Obama plan to increase government spending to give the economy a jolt “Arab Spring” Wave of rebellion in Mid East in 2011 Protestors– your age! Role of Social Media Major crisis in Libya 2011 Click icon to add picture d pi Click icon to ad cture 2/middle-east-protest-interactive-timeline Good interactive timeline of “Arab Spring” ...
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