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Orbuch reading guide-1 - Reading Guide SOC 308 Professor...

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Reading Guide SOC 308 Professor Kristen Lee Orbuch, Terri L., James S. House, Richard P. Mero, Pamela S. Webster. 1996. “Marital Quality over the Life Course.” Social Psychology Quarterly 59: 162-171. Definitions: a. Cross-sectional: survey questions are asked at one point in time. The responses of younger people are compared to older people. For this study, the marital quality of people who had been married for less than 4 years in 1986 was compared with the marital quality of people married more than 45 years in 1986, for example. b. Longitudinal: the same people are followed over time and asked similar questions at different points in time. For example, a longitudinal analysis of marital quality would ask people about their marital quality when they’ve been married for 4 years, then again after they’ve been married for 9 years, again after 14 years of marriage and so on. c. Curvilinear: When the authors discuss the “curvilinear” relationship between marital duration and marital quality, they are referring to the U-
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