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Transformations in Europe Slides(1)

Transformations in Europe Slides(1) - European European...

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Unformatted text preview: European European Transformations 1500­1750 Major Technological Advancements: Major Technological Advancements: ►Marine Compass ►Printing ►Firearms Religious Strife Religious Strife 1. THE REFORMATION 1. THE REFORMATION Martin Luther…King? Martin Luther…King? MLK Day January 17, 2011 Not that Martin Luther! Not that Martin Luther! ► Martin Luther (German) ► Reformation of “The Church” ► (What we now know has the Roman Catholic Church) ► Dogma Reformation Reformation ► Calvinism ► Church of England ► Counter Reformation Witch Hunts Witch Hunts 2. Scientific Revolution 2. Scientific Revolution Galileo's moon paintings ► When Galileo Galilei (1564­ 1642) published the results of his telescopic observations of the moon, he added these paintings to illustrate the marvels he'd seen. Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence/ Art Resource, NY Scientists: Scientists: ► Copernicus (Polish) ► Kepler (German) ► Galileo ► Newton Changing Role of God and Religion 3. Enlightenment 3. Enlightenment “No opinion is worth burning your neighbor for.” Enlightenment Enlightenment ► In reaction to Religious War, Witch Hunts, “Nobel Savages” ► The Scientific Revolution provided a reasonable and rational model to challenge social conventions Social & Economic Change Social & Economic Change Bourgeoisie Bourgeoisie ► In early modern Europe the class of well­off town dwellers ► Wealth came from manufacturing, finance, commerce, and allied professions Painting­ Hendrick Sorgh, Vegetable Market Environmental Problems Environmental Problems ►Deforestation ►Little Ice Age (1590­1690) Starvation warded off by new Starvation warded off by new crops… ► Potatoes ► Corn ► Manioc (cassava, yucca) Women’s Roles Women’s Roles ► Married late ► Women’s status tied to husband’s ► Crimes against women ► Only upper class women had access to learning situations Political Change Political Change Goal of Rulers = Centralization Goal of Rulers = Centralization ► Charles V (Austria) ► Philip II (Spain) \ ► Bourbon Kings (France) Philip II by Alonso Sanchez Coello Henry VIII Henry VIII ► Created the Church of England (1533) This portrait of Henry VIII, painted by Hans Holbein the Younger in 1540 War is Expensive War is Expensive ► How were European nations going to pay for war and establish themselves as the most powerful? Colonization Colonization ...
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