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Research Report Instruction Sheet Select a paper from an APA journal published no more than 6 months prior to the date you hand it in. You must print the first page of the article and attach it to your summary. Directions for finding articles can be found at: http://www.psychology.buffalo.edu/resources/dept/rpg/research_summary/ The paper must contain empirical results (i.e., report the results of an experiment or survey, not be a summary or opinion paper). Your report should be 1-2 pages, double-spaced. It must be typed (not hand-written). Questions 1-3 can be answered in 1 to 3 sentences each. Questions 4 and 5 will require more elaboration (1-3 paragraphs each). At the top of your report should be the following information: The first line should be your name and person number The second line should be the journal name The third line should contain the article title The fourth line should be the publication date For example: Jane Doe 123456789 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
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