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PSYCHOLOGY 101 RESEARCH PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENT INFORMATION Research Participant Group (RPG) Website: Research Participant Group (RPG) Sign-up Homepage: Research Participant Group (RPG) Coordinator: Ariana Young Email: [email protected] Office: Park 306 Office Hours: by appointment I. The Research Requirement: Earn Nine (9) Research Credits A) PURPOSE: The purpose of the research requirement is to acquaint psychology students with psychological research. To get a true sense of psychological science, it is imperative that students become familiar with psychological research. B) REQUIREMENT: All students in Psychology 101 must earn 9 research credits. C) EVALUATION: 1. Students who complete the Psychology 101 RPG requirement (9 credits) receive the grade earned in the class. 2. Students who are otherwise passing the course and do not complete the Psychology 101 RPG requirement (9 credits) receive a grade of Incomplete. D) RESOLVING INCOMPLETES: 1. Students who complete the RPG requirement within one year of receiving the Incomplete grade will receive the grade they earned in the class. 2. Students who do not complete the Psychology 101 RPG requirement (9 credits) within one year of receiving the Incomplete will receive an adjusted default grade. The default grade reduces the grade the student earned in the class by as much as one full grade as follows (i.e., A to B, A- to B-, B+ to C+, B to C, B- to C-, C+ to D+, C to D, C- to D, D + to D, D to F). 3. As per the UB Undergraduate Catalogue, at any time prior to the default date of one year, students may elect to change the “I” grade to the default grade using the Grade Retrieval Form. E) FULFILLING THE REQUIREMENT: There are two ways to fulfill the research requirement: by writing brief reports on actual psychological research (see IV) and/or by serving as a research participant in studies being conducted in the Psychology Department (see II). Only the report option is available to individuals under 18 years of age. Regardless of which option you choose, get to work on these early in the semester!!! II. The Research Participation Option – 0.5 Credits For Each Half Hour (or part thereof) : FOR LEGAL REASONS, THIS OPTION IS NOT AVAILABLE TO INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS. Participation in all experiments is strictly voluntary and is an option for anybody over the legal age of 18 years. The research participation experience provides insight into the research process and gives future researchers an understanding of research from the perspective of the research participant. You will be informed of the experimental procedures at the start of every experimental session and provided that you agree to participate, you will earn 0.5 credits for each half hour or part thereof of active participation. You have the right to withdraw from any experiment, the right to refuse answering any questions, and the right to withdraw your data in any experiment without penalty. In order to ensure
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Research_Requirement_Information - PSYCHOLOGY 101 RESEARCH...

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