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25Assess[7] - Country Assessment and a few practices...

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1 Country Assessment and a few practices . . . Comparative Trade Theory Approaches Economic Strategic Basis: Perfect Markets Basis: Strategic Variables 1. Rational/economic behavior 2. Perfect information 4. P = ƒ(S,D) 3. Commodity products 1. Competitive conditions 2. Factor conditions 4. Demand conditions 3. Supporting industries Factors of Production (economic rents) Factors of Production 1. Fixed 1. Variable 2. Homogeneous 2. Heterogeneous 3. Equally distributed 3. Disparate Strategic Trade Theory Barriers to Entry Supplier Strength Consumer Strength Substitute Products Competitive Rivalry Michael Porter’s “Five Forces” Model Nations do not trade . . . companies do Price Practicality Availability Population Purchase power Perceived options Perceived necessity Technology Finances Regulation Economy of scale Proprietary assets Size Location Population Resource control
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2 Strategic Trade Theory Factor Conditions Demand Conditions Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry Related and Supporting Industries
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