25FeasAnal - Necessity — Critical Discretionary Luxury...

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1 Feasibility Analysis What you need to know . . . Industry/Market Feasibility Product/Service Feasibility Financial Feasibility Industry Ease Of Entry Bargaining Power Of Suppliers Practicality and Availability of Substitutes Bargaining Power Of Customers
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2 Market Competition Factor Conditions Availability of Supporting or Complementary Industries Customer Demand • Human • Physical • Climatic • Knowledge • Location • Capital • Infrastructure • Volume • Geographics • Demographics • Psychographics • Sociographics • Primary/Derived Demand Product/Service Utility Provided — Time, Place, Form, Use
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Unformatted text preview: Necessity — Critical, Discretionary, Luxury Life-Cycle Position — Birth, Early-, Middle-, Late-Growth, Mature, Decline Differentiation Factors — Price, Quality, Image, Support, Design How is demand currently satisfied? How do you represent an improvement? Business Model, Customer Access, Satisfaction, Affordability, Status, etc. Value Chain Location — Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Financial Upper Bound Lower Bound $ Relevant Price Range Can you produce and sell at a sustainable level of profit?...
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25FeasAnal - Necessity — Critical Discretionary Luxury...

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