25IntlDifferences[3] - International Differences All a...

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1 International Differences All a matter of context Temporal Ecosystem Human Psychobiology Recall the “Natural Environment” Time: The limit that limits all other limits; the canvas behind the painting. (what we are) (what we were) (what we will be) • Diet • Beliefs • Memories • Technology • Immunities • Body of Knowledge • Genetic Composition • Ability • Aspiration • Practicality • Imagination • Dissatisfaction Change = ƒ (movement, direction, velocity, intensity/time) • Growth/Decay • Upheaval/Erosion • Mutation/Chemical change • Pollution • Global Warming? • Resource Depletion • Species Extinction
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2 Ecosystem: The physical world Weather Topography Natural Resources Chemical, Biological Processes Geologic Activity Cosmic Effects Human Psychobiology: The abilities, capacities, and tendencies of humans Strength, endurance, agility, speed, coordination, reaction, reflexes, health, energy, immunity Intelligence, reasoning, acumen, creativity, temperament, perception, curiosity, memory Love, hate, fear, need, want, desire, anger, anxiety, greed, patience, motivation, compulsion. obsession, fixation, disposition Attention, preoccupation, sensitivity, vigilance, tenacity, discipline,
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25IntlDifferences[3] - International Differences All a...

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