25WriteUP[10] - 1. Number your pages, print single sided...

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1 Writing Your Plan “A system is a big black box, of which we can’t unlock the locks. And, all we know of what has been, as what comes out and what goes in.” System Characteristics Inputs Outputs Hierarchy Energy Entropy Equifinality Relationships Purpose Throughputs
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2 Critical System Descriptions External • Inputs • Outputs • Competitors • Regulators Internal • Plans • Configuration • Processes • Assets —Strategic and Operating —Technical, Managerial, Administrative —Human, Physical, Financial, Information Start With an Introduction “I had six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew. Their names were what and where and when and how and why and who .” Rudyard Kipling (when you get done, go back and read the introduction to see if you actually did what you set out to do)
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Number your pages, print single sided and double spaced 2. Use graphics generously (tables, maps, diagrams) and discuss (not repeat) them in text. 3. Do not “ data dump. ” Report salient data and its sources, and draw conclusions from the data 4. Each section should logically derive from the section that preceded it — ensure a logical flow. 5. Use paragraphs and sub-headings generously (but appropriately) 6. Be cautious not to become enamored with either your industry or the setting (country) 7. Do not guess about things that are researchable facts. 8. Use your acquired business knowledge and your common sense. 9. Ensure that I am not the first person to read the complete paper 10. Proof-read . . . Proof-read . . . Proof-read...
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25WriteUP[10] - 1. Number your pages, print single sided...

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