Contextmodel - religion recession literacy revolution...

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1 THE ORGANIZATION CONTEXT WHAT MAKES THE UNIVERSE TICK? A World of Forces skills anxiety El Niño energy erosion distance demographics disease political activity natural resources climate gravity super conductors propensity scarcity governments religion inflation maturation population density terrorism mountains hunger disposable income famine special interest groups continental drift religion pollution desire labor strikes chemical reactions recession aging electricity literacy drought revolution values status education Families of Forces temporal ecosystemic psychobiological desire propensity maturation anxiety El Niño erosion distance disease natural resources climate gravity scarcity mountains famine continental drift chemical reactions aging drought Natural demographics political activity super conductors governments religion inflation population density terrorism disposable income
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Unformatted text preview: religion recession literacy revolution values status education electricity Institutional • sociocultural • technological • political/legal • economic pollution skills energy hunger special interest groups labor strikes Market • input (supply) • output (demand) • competitive • regulatory Organization • plans • configurations • processes • assets 2 Natural Institutional Market A Hierarchy of Forces Organization Micro Organization Macro Organization Market Institutional Temporal Ecosystem Human Psychbiological Socialculture Technology Politics/Law Economy Input Output Plans Configuration Processes Assets Objects People Events Natural General Task Organization + Competitors + Regulators Transform...
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Contextmodel - religion recession literacy revolution...

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