geoeconomy - Tanning • Cordwaining • Harness making...

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1 Geo-Economy Learning Objectives Understanding why the DCs are DCs The DCs The NICs Canada, U.S., Western Europe, Japan, Australia, Israel Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong What do you see? Now . . . New Zealand, Singapore, Geo-Economic Factors Topography Climatic Conditions Natural Resources
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2 Topography N Rivers Climate N
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3 Agrarian Economy Topography Forests Wood Products Wild Game Arable Land Farms Pastures Orchards Rivers Hydropower Alluvial Plains Transportation Sea Coast Ports Salt Climate Temperate (energy use) 4 Seasons (clean slate) Industry Food Processing
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Unformatted text preview: Tanning • Cordwaining • Harness making Rendering • Candle Making • Preservatives • Lamp Oil • Soap Milling • Lumber • Flour • Textiles Light Manufacturing • Farm implements • Weapons • Consumer & Trade goods Gathering • Fuel, Glass, Pottery • Medicines & Chemicals • Construction • Ship Building • Cooperage • Needle Trades Resource Needs? Wood Arable Land Good Water Accessible Iron & Coal What Comes Next? Agrarian Economy Resource Needs? Industrial Economy More Coal More Iron What Comes Next? Resource Needs?...
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geoeconomy - Tanning • Cordwaining • Harness making...

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