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IntlOrgs - International Organizations Learning Objectives...

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1 International Organizations Learning Objectives Understanding the various roles of International Organizations in International commerce: As facilitators & integrators As controllers & regulators As cooperators and competitors United Nations A little background . . . So how did all this get started? 1919 — The League of Nations Founding Purpose: To secure global peace & prosperity Where: Versailles, France Membership: Began with 29 members & ended with 54 Position of the U.S.? Disbanded in 1939 Why? United Nations Historical Timeline August 1941 Roosevelt & Churchill meet on the U.S.S. Augusta to hammer-out the Atlantic Charter describing the post-war world 27 nations meet in Washington D.C. to develop the United Nations Declaration (47 nations ultimately participate) United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization founded in Hot Springs, Virginia (44 nations participate) U.S., U.K., & U.S.S.R. meet in Russia to negotiate the Moscow Pact (defines the role of the United Nations) United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration founded in Atlantic City, N.J. (44 nations develop post-war relief programs) 1941 to 1945 May 1943 November 1943 November 1943
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2 United Nations Historical Timeline April 1944 The Labor Charter is adopted in Philadelphia, PA. This is a carryover of the ILO from the league of Nations (44 nations participate) Bretton Woods (NH) Conference
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