IntNegotiation - Intercultural Negotiation Reaching...

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1 •Reaching agreement across borders• Intercultural Negotiation The Simple Process Preparation Courtship Disclosure Exchange Agreement - research who, what, why, when, where, how - create a relationship built on respect & trust (protocol) - state position, empathize w/other’s position (posturing) - clarify/obfuscate, bargain, hint, persuade, concede - detail mutual commitments (strike the deal) Be prepared . . . • know what you want • know what you will concede to get it Find out • who they are - culture, personalities, preferences • what they want - price, quality, solution, partner • who will make the decision - individual, group Decide • the best negotiating team for the purpose • the best setting (may also require negotiation) • what they can concede - their situation • the best tactics
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2 The Courtship “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree” • manners • respect • consideration • cultural sensitivity Protocol the art of making others feel comfortable . . . • genuine hospitality • Avoid • cloying - excessive sweetness • pandering - excessive agreement • catering - excessive accommodation Managing expectations . . .the first negotiation • Informally,
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IntNegotiation - Intercultural Negotiation Reaching...

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