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OACOrgVariables - Climate Scope Scale Complexity History...

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1 Leadership In Context Effective Leadership = ƒ (contingency conditions) Institutional Conditions Sociopolitical Economic Technological Regulatory Life-Cycle Reality Permissive Restrictive Context Conditions Non-Market Conditions Early Mature Favorable Upbeat Unfavorable Pessimistic Healthy Weak Dynamic Change Simple Stable General or Unregulated Regulated or Targeted Context Conditions Market Conditions Customers Barriers Substitutes Competition Suppliers Reality Permissive Restrictive Weak Concentrated High Demand Strong Disbursed Low Demand High Low Unavailable Few Available Many Benign Cooperative Acute Aggressive Plentiful Weak Scarce Strong
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2 Work force Assets Physical Location Commitments Products/ Services Core Technology Context Conditions Feasibility Conditions Skilled Stable Trainable Unskilled Unstable Untrainable Sound Good Credit Weak Poor Credit Good Poor Flexible Rigid Modern Dated Distinguished Established Generic New Reality Feasibility Desirability Hard Organization Variables Context Conditions Configuration Processes Assets Plans Culture, Character,
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Unformatted text preview: Climate Scope, Scale, Complexity History Technology Politics, Coalitions Soft Organization Variables Context Conditions Hard Organization Variables Configuration Processes Assets Plans 3 Context Conditions Culture, Character, Climate Scope, Scale, Complexity History Technology Politics, Coalitions Configuration Processes Assets Plans Extrinsic Influences Leader/Follower Contingencies • Past experiences • Commitments • General Stress • Physical Condition • Social Pressure • Delegation • Supervision received • Competing demands • Role clarity • Peer pressure • Communication • Physical setting • Task structure • Equity • Predictability • Knowledge & Expertise • Personality & Temperament • Perceptions (& self-image) • Expectations (normative/positive) • Attitude toward risk • Formal controls Intrinsic Influences Personal Influences...
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