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International Management 4190 Lecture 2 The Management of International Business Global Management: The process of developing strategies, designing and operating systems, and working with people around the world to ensure sustained competitive advantage Approaches to International Management Ethnocentric Polycentric Regiocentric Geocentric Changes in Global Business Environment -Decreasing trade barriers: 63% of exports from developed countries (2000) Shifting toward developing countries -Developing countries have increasing interest in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Less nationalization/expropriation. They are more interested in taxing, hiring, training, and keeping profits/intellectual property in the country. -Developing nations see multinational companies as vehicle for international trade. 40% of imports by industrialized countries is through intra-firm trading. -Regional trade agreements…NAFTA, CAFTA, EU, ASEAN
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Lecture%202%20Management%20of%20International%20Business -...

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