Lecture%207%20Strategic%20Alliances - Biography I am Juan...

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Global Alliances Strategic Alliances: Partnerships where partners decide to pursue mutual goals by combining resources Categories of Alliances International Joint Ventures-two or more companies create an independent company Equity strategic alliances-partners share ownership Non-equity alliances-agreements carried out through contract rather than ownership sharing 11/10/11 MGT 4190 1 Biography I am Juan David Torres, an international student from Bogota, Colombia. I moved to Atlanta three years ago to start the university at Kennesaw as Marketing major. I lived in Angra Dos Reis, Brazil for a year when I was twelve years old and I loved the experience of living in a different culture. Since I lived in Brazil I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish in an advanced level and I speak French in an intermediate level. I have had the privilege to travel to the following countries: Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Cuba, United States, Australia and England. While in the United States, I worked for two
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Lecture%207%20Strategic%20Alliances - Biography I am Juan...

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