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Unformatted text preview: 42. BⅡ Is glass store needs to ship an order of10 chandeliers to abuilder about 1000 mi】 es away. The chandeliels cost about $ 10,000 cacη aud BiU ⅵ 11 be paid upon deUveη . Bill p1λ ' ship the order by tmck ” ㏊ atatranspomtion cost of$1,000. ㄲ delivery ⅵ U take 10 days. BiⅡ ㎱esa30% atlnual mventory Π ca叩 g cost. Wnat wil1 be the approxu=Late total shippmg and tram'it mventory caΠ ηng cδ st of the sⅲ Pment (assuⅡ le the year is 365 dayφ ? a. $633.33 b. $821 .92 c. $ 1000 〈 프 )$1821.92 43. Entel the same answer as you en'ered for the previous qΨcsⅱ on. 44. Abill of lading is adoc— ent ㎭ 旽 customers the pⅱ ce ofthe products bought and the quantity of p'oduct bought. ue a. false “ ⓖ 4¸ . Jones Company leatⅡ ed ⅲat severa1 other ohippels ⅲ its holnetown had customers 1ocated in the salne that it ser˘ es. With this infoΠ nation, Jones should invesUgate ⅲe posⅲ bⅡ ity o' larkets ㅍ a. market area consolidaUon b. soheduled delivery consolidation ⅱ ㄻ㎝ ㎭ 땄混 료 았 렴*㏂ 끎 욍 46. With Iespect to the foⅡ owing operating service oharacteriistics : ˙ 妾 薄팝 譽 揮 I塞 驥蟲 ㏛ ㏖㎟ ㎙ ㎙ ㎎ ㏉⑾ ㎝叩 ㎝ m㎚㎎㎚㎎ⅸ α Y㎭ 搬 of the modes transportation, whkⅲ colnbmation is incorrecUy speciFled? a. peed: air is best; pipelille is wolst ¸ s撰 ,㎙ s℉ e(㎙ oⅵ s” s c. Truck :::I:transpo“ ationve㏐ clehasIn¼ d¿ adeliveryandisΔ blet엔l으 situaⅱ on is known as: 뽀 paloadtotΔ kebacktoitsoⅱ gⅲ ,the 닫앎:注 k 믐 c. F¨ eight absorption d. retu∏ 1 delivery 49. With Ie˚ pect to tlansportation regulation, today in the U.S. : egulation of transportation a. the¨ e is no econolγ lic ¨ b. there is Inore econo∏ lic regulation 'han eˇ er before c. there is very little safety/social regulation ㏂ 卽 ι ⅲ is moκ sa㎩ tYsocial κ lⅲ on ⅲ ever be㎩ κ 功 ere 50. The role of goverl1Π lent in transportation infrastructure is the same in a11 countries aIound the world. a. True 9 False ...
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