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Unformatted text preview: Anthony Company & Aman Coqany both sell widgets. T㏊ ⅳ o compaILies ale identical in every way ㄸned unit cost, demaild, older cosL lead Ume, oldel cost, exc° pt foI one fact: Anthony has detε Πⅲ gures it is only 10%. Which of the fbllowⅱ g 1le¨ g cost is 20%, ⅳ eas Aman 됴 allnual inventory caΠ ㅛ 2¸ . (sΨppⅱ er, its wo'1d be true? 七 〈 뾰옰3J끊 蹄∬ #I鎧*:뭍38 ⊃ 꽁 ”le EOQ퓸 맑 :뿡 c. both would have the saㅍ d. none of伍 e obove 26. Eitltel the saIIlle aILswel as you entered for the p¨ evious questioll. 27. A compaIIy recently 1owered its service perforlnance ㎙ m 99% product availability to 9,O/. product 叩 ng cost, Senior The chauge saved the company exacUy $ 1million per year in mventory cㄻ Ithel change is liko1ν to e mam● gement now wa끄 ts to lo¨ er ⅲ service level to 95% from 97%. Such a ㎙ N㏅ ab丑 ity. save : 盟 팖⅛ 떻 #拂 우 C. II1o¨ e than $1 ⅲ 1lion 'F 28. Enter the saⅡ le ans™ er that yoⅱ enteled for the previous quesUoIL 29. Aspen Coψ ratioIL has discovered Ulat ⅱ uses 10 diffeⅲ nt supp㏊ ㎱ for bqμght 20 diffb¨ ent Inodels of that item, and total e즈 Iill10st likely is a ψⅲ cular type of item, ㏊ s penditules last yeal for the i● eln was $ 100,000. A¸ pen coⅱ ducting: 差 戟쪼 횅塞璽 ⅲ sㅜ ⊃ ㏅旽 ㅜ 셜垂垂F㎭ 흔 후垂聲 atioi D) Make or buy analy● :is 30. JoILes Company has iⅲ ㎝ U珏 ed an item for which the supply ⅱsk is high and the ⅶ ㏄ oft㏊ purchase to strat땜 Joneⅱ : C) Build paⅲ nelships D) Consolid¸ te pliirchases 31. A decision y ˚ :Ford to build a plant to make the Ford Fiesta in Mexico is an outsoulcing decision. a. True Θ False 32 When your perR rlnance is perceived to bo high and the custoㅍ ler expectation is low, then the custonler VΨ S㎁ 珏 ed 僖점 꾜塞¼ 않 33. Advanced 'Δ anufacturing CoIγ Ipany is evaluating 2 s1-ppliers for a coIIㅏ ponent. 1˘ IanageⅡlent has uppliers are: quality, delivery, price and service and has dete∏nined that ⅲe cⅱ tical factors in choosing ¸ e¸ , rated the importance ofthese factors as .4, .3, .2 and .1 ● pectively. Ona scale of l to ¸ SupplierAis Iated at 5, 3, 3 and 3 Iespectively. SupplielB’ s ratings are 4, 4, 3 and 4. Which supplier has the best weighted score? A) SΨ pplier A B) Supplier B 》 《Neither, they both have the saψ e weighted score 34. Enter the salne answer as you entered for the preν ious questioll. ...
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