broadwaycafesecurity(part3) - Among security of assets and...

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Among security of assets and tangibles, companies also have to focus on the security of other things; things such as patents, information, and intellectual capital. Companies use information security to help with this. Information security is to help prevent a breach in security from people inside or outside of the company, whether on accident or intentionally. The first line of defense should deal with the people. Trusting employees and insiders in something that companies take for granted. Breaching of confidential information and security systems can happen from inside of the company itself. Training and monitoring of a security plan should be implemented to help this. Broadway Café would benefit from using a fingerprint scanner technology for employees, which is the second line of defense. This would be more favorable than just simply using an employee ID number because others can gain access to that and commit fraud that way. It is possible to follow procedures to keep your password and id secure, for example, changing your password frequently. However, this method is not security reliable since the hackers could still crack into the system by certain hacking tactics; moreover, employees who difficulties remembering
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broadwaycafesecurity(part3) - Among security of assets and...

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