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ITM 309 Fall, 2011 Exam One Topics: Review Outline October 3, 2011 Information Systems in Business – Chapter 1 Apple Case and Class Discussion Porter’s Five Forces Model Porter’s Three Generic Strategies Model Value Chain and Value Chain Analysis Business Competitive Advantages Using IT Enablers Strategic Decision Making – Chapter 2 Operational, Managerial and Strategic Support Systems Transaction Processing Systems Decision Support Systems Executive Information Systems Artificial Intelligence HBR:
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Unformatted text preview: Staple Yourself To An Order Business Process Definitions Systems Thinking and Systems Components Business Process Improvement Business Process Reengineering Business Process Management eBusiness – Chapter 3 Amazon.com Case and Class Discussion Disruptive vs. Sustaining Technologies World Wide Web eBusiness Models eBusiness Types Online Auctions eBusiness Measurements eBusiness Advantages and Challenges Web 1.0, Web. 2.0 and Web 3.0 Guest Speakers State of MI DTMB – 9/19/11...
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