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Business Process Mapping and Business Process Modeling Due: WBI zipped folder in ANGEL, due at 8:00 a.m. on the day of your Recitation #4 (2/02/2011 or 2/03/2011) Points: 60 (15 point penalty if less than 8 hours late, 30 point penalty if less than 24 hours late, 60 point penalty if more than 24 hours late.) Submit: IBM WBI process map files in a zipped folder to TA’s dropbox in angel. Remember to only use FIREFOX or INTERNET EXPLORER to submit your work on angel. Purpose: To evaluate student’s proficiency at modeling an existing business process by constructing a business process diagram and the corresponding WBI model from a textual description Scenario: You, as the new owner of the Broadway Café, want to model the business processes of the Broadway Café (BC) and bring it into the 21 st century. To save costs and utilize your own expertise, you decide not to hire a consulting firm for the project and, instead, run the project yourself. The first step is to find out the state of the current processes, and to do that, you need a tool that can help model processes graphically. Remembering your ITM 309 recitations, you apply IBM WBI as a useful tool for doing that. You map out the BC Shipping process on paper as a start, and then you will model your mapped process using IBM WBI. You are very eager to do a good job, as you really want the Broadway Café to succeed. 1
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ITM309-Spring2011-Assignment1-WBI - ITM 309 Spring 2011...

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