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ITM 309 Spring 2011 Database: Access In-Class Practice III Recitation #10: Queries in Microsoft Access March 23/24 Objective: Be able to create queries to extract information from an Access database Instructions: a) Download the practice database: ANGEL Lessons Recitation Info Recitation #10 Queries File b) Save it in your P: Drive c) Launch Access ; File Open Select “inclassquery.mdb” from your P: Drive d) When the table opens, click on the “Query” tab. e) After creating each query, save them as “query1”, “query2”, “query3”, and “query4” respectively. Before you start creating the queries, familiarize yourself with the tables - take note of the fields in each of them and the relationships between the tables. Hint: These queries will be a “map” to guide you in your work on Assignment #4 Create these queries using the inclassquery.mdb database: Queries 1-8 were created last week 9. List each order number and the sum of the quantity
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Unformatted text preview: of products ordered for every order that has a delivery date after July 1, 2009. 10. List the product description and average item price for all products. 11. Which of our items earn us the most profit? List the products that have sold for more than $50 above their cost to us. [ Note : The formula for profit is (price – cost).] 12. Which products should we order more of and how many do we need to order to bring our quantity on hand above 10% of the reorder point? Show only the Product Number and the amount we need to order. Amount to order = target amount-amount on hand=(1+10%)reorder –quantity on hand 13. Which of our orders are the most profitable? List the Order Number, Order Delivery Date and Gross Profit for orders where the profit margin on the order is greater than $100. (Sort Descending by Profit.){ Note: The formula for the profit margin on an order is [(price – cost) * quantity] .}...
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