Excel_Recitation_7 - Product Regular Regular Regular...

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Product Month Store Revenue Regular January Jitters 4320 Regular February Jitters 4500 Regular March Jitters 3528 Regular April Jitters 3960 Regular May Jitters 3996 Regular June Jitters 3960 Regular July Jitters 3960 Regular August Jitters 4230 Regular September Jitters 4230 Regular October Jitters 4275 Regular November Jitters 4365 Regular December Jitters 4455 Regular January Bean Scene 3960 Regular February Bean Scene 4230 Regular March Bean Scene 4230 Regular April Bean Scene 4275 Regular May Bean Scene 4365 Regular June Bean Scene 4455 Regular July Bean Scene 4128 Regular August Bean Scene 4176 Regular September Bean Scene 3936 Regular October Bean Scene 4090 Regular November Bean Scene 3936 Regular December Bean Scene 4350 Decaf January Jitters 4350 Decaf February Jitters 4350 Decaf March Jitters 4350 Decaf April Jitters 3610 Decaf May Jitters 3640 Decaf June Jitters 3610 Decaf July Jitters 2210 Decaf August Jitters 2430 Decaf September Jitters 2430 Decaf October Jitters 2460 Decaf November Jitters 2540 Decaf December Jitters 2310 Decaf January Bean Scene 2620 Decaf February Bean Scene 2450 Decaf March Bean Scene 2430 Decaf April Bean Scene 2480 Decaf May Bean Scene 2540 Decaf June Bean Scene 2610 Decaf July Bean Scene 2340 Decaf August Bean Scene 2380 Decaf September Bean Scene 2540 Decaf
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2011 for the course ITM 309 taught by Professor Rodammer during the Fall '08 term at Michigan State University.

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Excel_Recitation_7 - Product Regular Regular Regular...

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