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RET_261_extra_credit - Fixed expenses $95,250 Taxes $15,500...

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RET 261 Individual Assignment Extra Credit Instructions: Use the provided information to answer each question. Show all work , without work answers will not be accepted. No partial credit will be given. Each correct answer is worth 2 points. Possible of 20 points extra credit . You find the following information about a given retailer: Net Sales: $330,000 Cost of Goods Sold: $180,000 Fixed assets: $267,600 Cash: $36,150 Other current assets: $19,950 Accounts Receivable: $1,650 Variable Expenses: $20,000
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Unformatted text preview: Fixed expenses: $95,250 Taxes: $15,500 Total liabilities: $52,650 Loans: $30,000 Average Inventory at cost (for 3 months): $82,500 May’s EOM inventory at cost: $87,900 July’s EOM inventory at cost: $79,500 Find the following: 1.) Net profit after tax 2.) Net Profit Margin after tax 3.) Asset Turnover 4.) Return on Assets (ROA) 5.) Gross Margin % 6.) June’s EOM Inventory Amount 7.) Total Inventory at cost 8.) Stock to Sales Ratio 9.) GMROI 10.) Inventory Turnover at Cost...
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