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Store Layout, Design, and Visual Merchandising Jingyi Tan A43064240 RET 261 Group 33 April 5, 2010 Store: American Eagle in Meridian Mall 1. Q: In general, is the store layout, design and visual merchandising techniques used consistent with the exterior of the store and location? A: Yes, it is. The whole store is designed with bright, warm-colored lightings which create great atmosphere and make customers who enter relax. Either new arrivals hung on the shop windows or apparels inside are also presented colorfully and organized in free-form layout, which quite fit the store’s theme—casual, young and country-style consistently. 2. Q: Is the store’s ambiance consistent with the merchandise presented and the customer’s expectations? A: Yes, it is. The bright lightings and casual music have created a great ambiance consistent with their young fashions. The store right away is on seasonal changes, there thus new spring colorful apparels are presented up front for greater attraction. And within 30 minutes observation, 6 out of 13 customers did purchase clothes from the store, which drew me the conclusion that the ambiance of the store consistent with the customer’s expectation. 3. Q: Does the store look like it needs to be redesigned? Do you think it needs a face lift, update, remodel or renovation? A: Everything in the store is great except the floor and the fitting rooms. The floor is a little bit old and some noise would be made when I stepped on some area, especially some of the main part that customers walk frequently. Anther part that need to be updated are the fitting rooms since they might seem old compared to the other part of the store. 4. Q: To what extent are the store’s layout, design, and merchandising techniques flexible? A: As I observed, most of the things are flexible in the store, including the features such as the rounder, gondola, except for the straight rack which are attached to the wall. Also, all the models used to display their apparels as well as the promotional signage are highly flexible for the frequent seasonal changes in apparels’ styles and types.
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5. Q: Notice the lighting. Does it do a good job in highlighting merchandise, structuring space, capturing a mood, and downplaying unwanted
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Store Layout - Store Layout, Design, and Visual...

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