RET_261_Exam_2_Study_Guide - Distributive justice Employee...

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RET 261 Exam 2 Study Guide Chapter 7 Anchor Central Business District (CBD) Community center Comparison shopping Convenience shopping Destination store Fashion/specialty center Freestanding site Gentrification Kiosk Lifestyle center Main street Mixed use development Neighborhood center Omnicenter Outlet stores Power center Malls(regional and shopping) Specialty shopping Trade area Chapter 8 Accessibility Analog approach Artificial barriers Census Census block Congestion Cumulative attraction Customer spotting Exclusive use clause Fixed rate lease Geographic information systems Graduated lease Huff’s gravity model Metropolitan statistical area Micropolitan statistical area Natural barriers Outparcel Parasite store Percentage lease, (with min and max) Primary trade area, secondary and tertiary too Prohibited use clause
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Regression analysis Sliding scale lease Spending potential index Trade area Traffic flow Visibility Chapter 9 Buyer Category manager Centralization Decentralization
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Unformatted text preview: Distributive justice Employee productivity Employee turnover Employee branding and marketing Empowerment Glass ceiling Illegal discrimination Managing diversity Mentoring program Merchandise planner Merchandise allocation Organizational culture Organizational structure Specialization Chapter 10 Advanced shipping notice Bullwhip effect Checking CPFR Consignment Distribution center Electronic data interchange (EDI) Floor-ready merchandise Logistics Outsourcing overstock Pull and push supply chains RFID Receiving Reverse logistics Security policy Stockout Supply chain management Third-party logistics UPC codes VMI Chapter 11 Add-on selling Customer database Customer loyalty CRM Data mining 80-20 rule Frequent shopper programs Lifetime value Loyalty program Market basket analysis 1 to 1 retailing Opt in, opt out Private label credit card RFM analysis Share of wallet...
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RET_261_Exam_2_Study_Guide - Distributive justice Employee...

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