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RET_261_exam_1_guide - Exam 1 Review Sheet This review...

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Exam 1 Review Sheet This review sheet is not exhaustive. This means this sheet does not include everything on the exam. Anything covered in class or in the text is fair game for exam questions. *Most questions will not be strict definitions Chapter 2 Terms Retailing Retailer Assortment Breadth of merchandise Catalog Retailing Category Killers Category Specialist *Differences between service and merchandise retailers *Types of ownership Depth of merchandise Electronic retailing E-tailing Franchising Format Hypermarket Internet retailing Retail chain Services retailer SKU Variety Chapter 3 Disintermediation Integration Multi-channel retailer Share of wallet Virtual communities **Benefits from store channel
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Chapter 4 **approaches for segmenting markets Benefit segmentation Brand loyalty Buying process *** Stages in the buying process Buying situations Compatibility Complexity Consideration set **Criteria for evaluating market segments Cross-shopping Culture Demographic segmentation Every day low pricing
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