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Jingyi Tan A43064240 Mr. Morgan ISP203L Data/Result and Discussion from Groundwater Model Data collected from the laboratory experiment: The underground water table model was composed of three layers of different characteristics of sediments. The sediments in unit 1 were small, well sorted round grains, and sediments in unit 2 in the middle were very small and sorted grains, and the basin layer of sediments were large, jugged rocks with poor sorting. Plus, as seen the recharger is higher and discharge lower in the opposite, whereas water table is in between. By observing from the data of the examination, the water levels in the piezometers yield was affected by pumping water out of unit 3, leading to the decrease water level in other unit 3 piezometers, whereas the water level maintained
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Unformatted text preview: constantly in unit 1 piezometers when water was pumped out of unit 3, which dose not affect the result. Therefore a conclusion was made that unit 2 is impermeable since when we pump water out from unit 3, unit 1 doesn’t change in water level, however unit 3 moved when we pumped water out from unit 1. there thus unit 2 is blocking the recharge. When water is withdraw from: The water level is: Goes up,down,stay the same: Well 5 (Unit 1) Well 6 (Unit 1) Down Well 5 (Unit 1) Well 7 (Unit 3) Same Well 4 (Unit 3) Well 5 (Unit 1) Same Well 4 (Unit 3) Well 7 (Unit 3) Down Well 1 (Unit 3) Well 2 (Unit 1) Same Well 1 (Unit 3) Well 4 (Unit 3) Down Well 9 (Unit 1) Well 10 (Unit 1) Down...
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