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Jingyi Tan ISP 203L, Section 22 A43064240 14 TH , October, 2010 Is Organic Food Healthier for the Planet (and us)? Introduction The argument of whether organic food is beneficial for the world has come into being a public issue for years since its production. As commonly known that, food which feed our stomachs and offer us energy each day are produced in two deferent food systems—conventional and organic. By definition, conventional food systems represent the farming of utilizing pesticides and herbicides to avoid the existence of pets and possible disease, and additionally, fertilizers used for faster growth. By contraries, organic food systems avoid those external aids. Nowadays, as biotechnology developed and the promotion of science, more and more individuals deem organic food as safer and healthier for not only the environment, but us as well. When it comes to this point, lots of the conventional food advocates rejected. For the above two views, John Carlisle, the Director of the National Center for Public Research ‘s Environment Policy Task Force, and Roni Neff, the Research and Policy Director of the Johns Hopkins Center, had held their distinct points of view towards these two food systems in their published articles: Summary and Analysis
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Summary of “FOOD MATTERS” (Yes Article) Currently, the modern industrialized food systems are producing economically efficient, profitable cheap food, which as the same time, in defiance of the negative effects that have been brought up as public health risks, in combined with varies environmental issues, for instance, animal wastes and environmental damages. Therefore, to purposing a better, healthier and more sustainable food system, consumers ought to be aware of the beneficial aspects that come along with correct food choices. The action of switching toward a more sustainable food and agricultural system should be publically noticed and mobilized. ( Roni Neff
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Jingyi Tan - Jingyi Tan ISP 203L, Section 22 A43064240...

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