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ACCOUNTING 201 CONFIRMED READING THE COURSE EXPECTATIONS/PROCEDURES Due Friday, January 21 {-5 points if not turned in} Download this form from Angel to turn in It is important that all students know the policies/procedures for the course. I am therefore expecting you to read these, so you will know what homework is due and when, how to turn in Homework if you will miss Friday recitation, that you cannot do In-class Activities if not in class on Friday, how to get excused from Quizzes or Tests, that quizzes will not be made up , but the points weighted on the next test if properly excused from the quiz, how attendance is taken and only counts if you are at your registered time
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Unformatted text preview: slot, etc. So please read pages 8-19 in the Course Notes or read the same thing posted as Course Policies on Angel. If you have questions about these policies, procedures, be sure you have them answered by January 21. By signing this statement, you are confirming that you have read the course policies/procedures and understand how the course will be run. Student Signature: ______________________________________ Student Printed Name ______________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ 20...
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