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ACC 201 Honor Code Due Friday, January 21 {-5 points if not turned in on this date} Must be turned in everyone taking this course. As a student in ACC 201, Financial Accounting, during the Spring semester 2011, I agree to apply the principles of The Eli Broad College of Business Honor Code, as presented in the draft provided in the ACC 201 course pack and on line at the course’s angel web page. This agreement applies to everything I do in the course. Explicitly, I agree: to strike only my ID for attendance and stay for class. to only use my clicker for class points and for attendance at the end of class. to prepare and turn in my own homework and projects.
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Unformatted text preview: I will not copy from any other source nor copy work within a study group. to take all quizzes and tests without any outside assistance or by copying from any classmate. to not discuss any quiz or test questions with other students until the test has been completed by all sections. I understand that violation of this code can result in having my grade lowered or reduced to a failing grade. Student Signature: ______________________________________ Student Printed Name ______________________________________ Date: ____________________________________ 163...
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