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ISB202 Fall 2009 Due on Day 3 of Group Project ( Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009) Assignment 1) Read the notes from Tuesday’s lecture to the end (where we did not get to). 2) Do the assignment below to hand in. To hand in Thurday: 10 pts. A) Merged noun list with POET categories and list of solutions to the environmental question/problem that are mentioned in the articles; feel free to list some more that you may know of from prior knowledge. (This worksheet is attached here in case you didn’t print it off previously) B) Concept map with all nouns and linking verbs/prepositions, etc. Your concept map can include new terms, too, that might come up as you make your map. Use the following “coding” in your concept map: 1) Rectangles for Population variables 2) Circles for Organizational variables 3) Triangles for Environmental variables 4) Diamonds for Technology variables C) ANALYZE THE STRUCTURE of your concept map: Bringing the "P.O.E.T." part back into the analysis
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Unformatted text preview: i) List the # of concepts in your map in each category. ii) What is the category that appears to have the most impact on your system? the least? a) To measure “impact”, you can calculate the proportion of terms that are in each category. b) You can also see if there are more arrows linking certain terms than others. iii) If any category is represented by < 20% of the terms, add more terms to bring it up to 20%. D) Explore your concept map Choose one variable (i.e., factor) in your concept map and analyze what happens: i) when you increase it? ii) when you decrease it? Trace it through your concept map. Explain what kinds of downstream, or cascading effects changing that variable has on the rest of the system. You can just answer each of these will a bulleted list....
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