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Objectives of the Final Project for ISB 202 (Fall 2009) (12% of Overall Grade) Global objective: To recognize and be able to discuss the environmental issues around you and to be able to see the connection between humans and the environment. Specific instructional objectives: To identify (e.g., list) the interactions between the environment and humans occurring at your own blogsite, and therefore basically at most sites where we live. To make connections about environmental issues at the local, regional, national, and international scales (i.e., an international issue IS a local issue for someone). To evaluate and make a recommendation about an environmental issue/question based on a reasoned analysis of multiple variables such that it is more realistic and not just “pie in the sky.” Due Date Activity Point value Thursday, 12/3/09 Due In Class Choose and summarize one environmental news article each – a total of 4 different topics, and if possible at 4 different geopolitical levels (local,
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Final_Project_Obj_Schedule - Objectives of the Final...

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