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1 1 The Electronic Media Landscape in the U.S. • 1,685 local commercial TV stations • 10,000+ local radio stations • 4 major TV networks • 10,000+ local cable systems 2 There are several types of systems – Networks • A network exists when two or more stations can broadcast the same program from a single source • Affiliates are privately owned stations that sign a contract to carry network programs during parts of the day The Structure of the Television Industry 3 Cable TV Networks • Discovery Channel • ESPN • Cable News Network (CNN) • Turner Network Television (TNT) • USA Network • Nickelodeon • TBS Superstation • Arts & Entertainment (A&E) • Lifetime • ESPN2 • The Weather Channel 4 Cable Facts • Cable reaches 85% of TV households • Most consumers receive more than 100 channels, but watch only 15-19 channels • Cable households watch more hours of TV than non-cable households • Most channels are privately owned • Cable fees make up about 1/3 of cable revenues 5 Broadcast TV Facts • Heaviest viewers are middle-income, high-school-educated • Average U.S. home viewers watch 8 hours of TV (includes cable and VCR/ DVR) per day • Older women watch the most TV 6 Pros of Broadcast TV Advertising • Mass coverage • Relatively low cost per viewer • Some selectivity • Persuasion power • Impact - sound and images • Creativity • Prestige • Social dominance
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2 7 Cons of Broadcast TV Advertising • High production cost • High airtime cost • Long lead times • Limited selectivity • Audience fragmentation • Brevity • Clutter • Zipping and zapping 8 What forms of advertising replace traditional commercials? • Sponsorship of TV programs and televised
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12_student - The Electronic Media Landscape in the U.S...

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