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lecture_7_spring_2010 - Advertising Communications Model...

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1 Within Text of the Advertisement Literary form: 1. Autobiography 2. Narrative 3. Drama Message Source Sponsor Persona Author Advertising Communications Model Implied consumers Actual consumers Sponsorial consumers Feedback Consumers Noise External and internal 2 Advertising Planning and Strategy • Strategic planning Begins at corporate level Extends to the functional level Ends with advertising 3 Mission statement Also uses a S.W.O.T analysis Specific objectives and goals Strategies and tactics for goal achievement The Corporate Business Plan 4 Document that proposes strategies for using the marketing mix to achieve marketing objectives The Marketing Plan 5 The Marketing Plan Assembles all pertinent facts about: – an organization its markets products and services – customers – competition • Specifies objectives , strategies and tactics 6 Planning Approaches Integrated Marketing Communications Model Bottom- Up Model Top- Down Model
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2 7 Top-Down Marketing Plan Situation Analysis Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategy Marketing Tactics 8 Top-Down Marketing Plan Situation Analysis • Internal Environment Strengths and Weaknesses : financial condition, personnel issues, or technical expertise • External Environment Opportunities : area for the company to develop an advantage over its competition Threats : trend in the environment that will erode business unless the company takes action 9 Situation Analysis Marketing Objectives Need-Satisfying Objectives Sales-Target Objectives Specific, quantitative, realistic marketing goals to be
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