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Study Guide for test #2. Chapters 5-9. There are two pages. Nonpersonal and Interpersonal influences on consumer decision making process. Stimulus Perception Physiological and Psychological screens Learning theories Elaboration Likelihood Model Brand loyalty Needs and wants Maslow hierarchy of needs Evoked set Cognitive dissonance Validity/reliability Research process steps Primary and secondary data Objectives Qualitative research and techniques Quantitative research and techniques Recall Sampling Situation Analysis, Objective, Strategy, Tactics IMC and levels of relationships – i.e. transactional 4 sources of brand messages – i.e. planned First step in Advertising planning
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Unformatted text preview: Advertising pyramid SWOT Marketing mix Exchanges and satisfaction Top down and bottom up planning Budgeting methods for advertising Creative roles – i.e. Artist Creative pyramid Characteristics of great ads – i.e. resonance Creative brief Fact and value based thinking Concept transformation techniques Art direction Brainstorming 5 presentation components of selling power Layout – and layout formats – i.e. circus Thumbnail, rough, dummy, comprehensive Principles of design – i.e. balance Headlines and headline types Subheads Slogans Close and trial close Storyboard TV formats Radio script...
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Study_Guide_for_test2-1 - Advertising pyramid SWOT...

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