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study_guide_1 - Media self regulation NAD/NARB...

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Here is the study guide. This is A GUIDE. The following topics are on the test. There may be an odd one or two not included here, but for the most part this is pretty much what you can expect. We will talk about this on Monday. I tried to group them by lecture to make it a bit easier. 19 th century advertising growth factors Unique selling Proposition USP Ben Franklin Stereotypes Advertising and the business cycle Advertising and prices Advertising and impact on competition Definition of advertising Volney Palmer F. Ayers Subliminal advertising Ethics WWI Johannes Gutenberg FTC what does it regulate? Corrective advertising Consent decree (order) Affirmative disclosure Puffery Deception – definition understand Wheeler Lea amendment Central Hudson case
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Unformatted text preview: Media self regulation NAD/NARB Self-regulation rationale Demarketing Cease and desist order FDA, FCC Comparative advertising In house agencies Client agency relationship Mark ups and other payment methods Media commissions Types of advertising agencies Why use an agency? Advertiser department structure Advertising agency structure Difference local v. nations advertisers Speculative presentations – how agencies get clients Players in the advertising industry Distribution strategies Positioning – differences 4 P’s Total product concept Market segment Target market Ways to segment the market: demographics, behavior, geographic Vals psychographics Product life cycle Brand equity Price The “brand”...
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study_guide_1 - Media self regulation NAD/NARB...

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