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1. what VALS type you are: my primary VALS™ type is Striver, secondary type is Experiencer. 2. what 5 segments come up for your zip code: 1: Boomtown Singles 2: City Startups 3:Mobility Blues 4:Suburban Pioneers 5:Young Influentials 3. Answer these questions (2 paragraphs will do it): Yes, it is really close but not fully accurate. Admittedly I believe that I am a trendy and fun loving. And money defines success for me. However I would like a career rather than simply just a job. As for the secondary VALS type defines me well. As the result shows, I am an enthusiastic young man and find energy on an outlet such as sports and outdoor activities. But I didn’t agree that I spend high proportion on entertainment as well as fashion, but quite thrifty instead. Since I am a international
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Unformatted text preview: student my home isn’t settle here. But the zip code description offers the same image as I observed during my college life here. The house is affordable and the residents are young ethics with mid-low incomes settle in cheap apartments. The commercial based café, clubs and bars which create active lifestyles here. All these information basing on the income levels, life style, and neibourhood surround that area, which are specifically mentioned on VALS, help advertisers target the future consumers more precisely and determined whether the target consumers are exist and suitable for the advertisers. By using VALS, the scoop of searching is minimized, therefore the prospective consumers are more visible....
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