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assig 9 - Eric Russo Lisa Rios 11:15 Reading...

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Eric Russo 4/15/10 Lisa Rios 11:15 Reading: Kozol,  Savage Inequalities,  Ch. 6 1-In chapter six of Kozol, he starts off by talking about the foundation program which is what decides how much funding schools in certain districts will get. This in the long run only benefits the wealthier communities because the local tax is based on value of the land, homes and businesses. The values of land, businesses and homes in these poorer communities is worth close to nothing, so they tax themselves more and still get much less funding then the more affluent communities. Then, instead of equally leveling the funding in each district they set “a low foundation”, which it is based on “minimal” or “basic” education. Kozol then goes on to talk about a court case in San Antonio. In 1968 resident Demetrio Rodriguez along with many others filed a class action suit for their children of the oppressed district, Edgewood. Edgewood pays one of the highest tax rates in the area and each student gets only $231 for education.
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