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discussion record - amount already there-Main question Were...

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Kozols chapter 5 -Inner city schools in Washington D.C. are discriminated against; chapter focuses on Anacostia and Montgomery -Have lack of funding, supplies, and teachers - Students aren’t allowed to be shipped to schools in nearby states such as Virginia -Standardized testing is a main way of segregating schools -Then talks about South Boston and the drug problems there, kids are getting involved in drug dealing at a young age -Kids in poor schools and neighborhoods are getting caught selling drugs to wealthy white residents “Undocumented Latinos” -Illegal immigrants were getting taking advantage of through rape and lack of pay (if any pay) -New laws were passed to limit the number of undocumented immigrants coming in, and also the
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Unformatted text preview: amount already there-Main question: Were they hurting or helping the economy? -The INS didn’t follow new laws, made it worse for the undocumented immigrants- They were being forced to take bad jobs and to live terrible lives-Zambrano case: Single mothers who were getting help from the government weren’t allowed to apply for citizenship even though they were contributing to society- The INS was regulating the poor. The immigrants argued that these laws only catered to the employers, not to the employees Questions: Do we as a society tend to dehumanize children in order to validate their mistreatment? Do you think we should be helping illegal immigrants or would it hurt our current economic situation?...
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