ideology assig 1 - Eric Russo 10/25/10 readings: Savage...

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Eric Russo 10/25/10 readings: Savage Inequalities, chapter two by Jonathan Kozol Ideologies by Terry Eagleton 1 . Summary of the Readings: In Kozols reading he talks about the educational inequalities in South Chicago. It is in the all black slums of Chicago when kids, starting in the Kindergarten years, begin to be left out of good education. They are denied funding, have limited resources and teachers, and are sent on a path to failure. It was stated in the reading that, with the dropout rate extremely high, it might be a blessing rather than a misfortune. Students in neighboring white towns are overfunded and are some of the smartest kids in the country, being able to read as well as some of the smartest seniors by the time they are in the 7 th grade. Some of the kids in these all black communities are lucky to read at a 2 nd or 3 rd grade level by the time they graduate. The Governor of Chicago states, “We can’t keep throwing money into a black hole.” The parents, who also have no education, are no help, and the people who have the most say have no faith, so how do these children succeed? In Eagleton’s reading he talks about ideology. Sometimes, ideas or thoughts of which dominant leaders hold are made to be thought of as true, but realistically are not. For example, it is a true state that whites are superior to everyone else, but realistically whites are no different. Eagleton
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ideology assig 1 - Eric Russo 10/25/10 readings: Savage...

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