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Unformatted text preview: When I attended a Planning Board meeting the only questions the board had trouble answering were ones concerning recommendations for Sunderland. When I did ask all I really got was blank stares and shrugged shoulders. They seemed very frustrated and fed up, and really just waiting for a miracle to happen. Because of the 40b plan the town doesnt have a very big say in the decision making process. The state is monitoring what is going on in the town with the intention to help Sunderland work up to its full potential. Although the Planning Board wasnt a huge help with recommendations, there are many recommendations Sunderland has made to provide for a beneficial future. Sunderland is going through a depression and has had to deal with many situations that have helped them plan for the future. Because of how rough everything has recently been, the town is going to do everything they can to prevent it from happening again. To provide for a healthier environment and to make sure that land is being conserved, it is Sunderlands goal to...
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