bct 6 - buildings and surroundings- and the amount of...

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Eric Russo 11/1/10 BCT assignment 6 1a. Loss of wetlands is measured by estimating the value of serviced lost when wetlands are converted to other uses. 1b. Wetlands have always been associated with horror, ugliness, and a waste of space. That needs to change. Instead of replacing wetlands with development people need to understand that wetlands play a huge role in our natural environment. They reduce the impact of floods, naturally filter and clean our water, and hold thousands of important species. From now on states need to take the same stance as MA, and make it illegal to develop on or near wetlands. 2a. Air pollution is measured by these six elements- damage to agricultural production, material damage, cost of cleaning implement, damage caused by acid rain, urban degradation, damage to
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Unformatted text preview: buildings and surroundings- and the amount of emissions each uses. 2b. To reduce the effects of air pollution we need to seek other forms of energy and fuel in the built environment. We also need to either renovate old buildings and infrastructures or invest in replacing older development using our newest technology and innovating thinking. 3a. The cost of commuting is measured by adding the costs of private cars and public transport with the cost of public and private vehicle maintenance. 3b. This problem could be significantly reduced by decreasing the amount of privately owned cars, and increasing the amount of public transportation in the built environment. Families don’t need 2-3 cars at one household and need to take advantage of buses and trains....
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bct 6 - buildings and surroundings- and the amount of...

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