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Eric Russo 11/26/10 BCT assignment 10 1) As I was walking around my house the first thing that I noticed was the draft entering through the closed windows. There are six windows in my house, almost all of which are faced north, and each of them are 72”x40”. These leaky windows are allowing excess air to enter into the household, and are also causing my family to use more heat than needed. By putting weather strips around the windows to prevent the air from entering into the house would help my family reduce heating costs and would also be beneficial to the environment. Because the windows are facing north and a lot of the wind is hitting the windows directly, it would be beneficial to plant trees to prevent the amount of wind hitting my house. Not only would trees help prevent the amount of air entering my house; it would also benefit natural processes in the surrounding landscape. I also noticed that about a quarter of the lights in my house were incandescent. Although my parents replaced many of the incandescent lights with fluorescent lights, there are about
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