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bct assig - so increase of energy means an increase in...

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Eric Russo BCT Built Environ. Assignment 8 1. The UHI effect is caused by the amount of impermeable surfaces and other factors that add heat such as air conditioners in a city environment, causing the concrete to store onto the heat and increase the temperature in the built environment of the city. 2. The increase of temperatures in China due to the UHI effect has caused the amount of air conditions being manufactured and sold from 223 in 1978, to 1/3 of the world’s air conditioners today. 3. Thermoelectric energy uses more water than any other water usage in the United States,
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Unformatted text preview: so increase of energy means an increase in water. 4. In areas of the desert southwest, power plant water consumption could cause negative impacts on existing or potential downstream municipal water use and in-stream water use 5. UHI effects could be mitigated by adding more vegetation in cities, such as trees, grass and plants, and also by switching to efficient energy practices such as solar energy and wind turbines to decrease the amount of water usage....
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