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Eric Russo 10/6/10 LM 6 1. I do think that a lively downtown is something that planners should be addressing because cities are places filled with opportunities, especially in the downtown, and if people aren’t attracted and don’t enjoy being in these downtowns, then the city is useless. Making a downtown lively is important, but more importantly a downtown has to be lively in and sustainable. 2. Elements that seemed to attract people downtown were the preservation of historical buildings and overall feel of old downtown Ann Arbor. Along with that, coffee shops, restaurants with windows and appealing architecture. People like the restaurants and coffee shops that allow people to interact, whether that’s through big windows or outside seating. People like wide, clean sidewalks, with lights and places to sit and converse, and
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Unformatted text preview: also with trees. The area needs to be inviting and personalized, a place where any person can find something to do. 3. Yes, a huge problem in America and in developed countries around the world is that people move to fast. Everything today is fast, whether its fast food or transportation; people are always trying to find the fastest way to do things. So yes, planners should have the ability to slow down traffic. If a downtown is appealing, and has places for people to sit, converse, or even just relax, people will do that rather than driving around. Also, by widening the sidewalks and thinning the streets, traffic is slowed down and it advocates walking rather than driving....
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