Pesticide HW 1 chapt 6 - Eric Russo Pesticides, public...

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Eric Russo Pesticides, public policy, and the environment Homework Assignment 1: Chapter 6 Chapter six in the book Silent Spring , by Rachel Carson focuses on the use of herbicides, the effects it has on our environment, and the species living in the environment. Rachel Carson uses strong words about this subject that obviously upsets her, and that she felt more people in the 1960’s should have been concerned about. Carson’s argument is that the use of herbicides to condemn certain “weeds” affects not only the target species, but more so the mammals and other plant species which live around it. What make it terrible though, are the application techniques that the sprayers use. Instead of applying the spray only to the target “weed,” the whole area is sprayed using a technique called blanket spraying. Carson used an example in chapter six describing how 10,000 acres of sagelands were sprayed so cattleman could have more pastureland in Bridger Nation Forest. In this example, not only were the sages killed, but so were the willows, and because the willows were killed, the beavers and moose that depended on them fled. When Silent Spring was written in the 1960’s millions of acres of land were sprayed every year to treat target weeds which has affected the biodiversity and overall beauty of the U.S.
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Pesticide HW 1 chapt 6 - Eric Russo Pesticides, public...

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