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Eric Russo Pesticides, public policy, and the environment Homework Assignment 1: Chapter 9 Rivers of Death “Always, the pattern of death assumed a characteristic shape: the smell of DDT over the forests, an oil film on the water surface, and dead trout along the shorelines.”(Carson, chapt. 9) Chapter 9 in Silent Spring , by Rachel Carson describes the horrifying effects of insecticides on fish, their main source of food, and the overall health of our forests and waterways. In the 1950’s when Carson was writing Silent Spring , the techniques being used to rid of unwanted insects were extremely unhealthy, and destroyed way more then what was originally intended. Planes would fly over forests and spray thousands of pounds of DDT over millions of acres of land. This was done over the watershed of the Northwest Miramichi to kill off the spruce budworm in an effort to save balsams, used in the pulp and paper industry. The half pound of DDT sprayed over each acre of the watershed eventually made its way into the river, and basically killed everything in its path. Many fish were found on the banks of the river including
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Pesticide HW 1 chapt 9 - Eric Russo Pesticides, public...

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