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State v Federal Paper - Dennis Lynch American Politics Any...

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Dennis Lynch American Politics Any issue revolving around the use and legality of marijuana in the United States is an immensely popular topic, especially amongst young people. One of the most popular topics is whether or not marijuana policy should be decided by individual states or federally mandated by the federal government across all 50 states. While there are pro’s and con’s to both sides of the argument, medical marijuana policy should be a federal issue. The 10 th amendment of the US Constitution clearly cites that any issue not addressed in the Constitution is for the states to decide 1 . Anti-federalists argue that this clearly supports states rights to decide on medical marijuana, but the founding fathers had no knowledge of what issues would arise in this country’s future, which is exactly why the Constitution can be amended. While both are much more important issues than medical marijuana, slavery and segregation were both looked at by supporters as a state issue that the federal government should not be involved in at all. While amending the Constitution is a lengthy and arduous task, as Americans have seen in the past it is sometimes required to settle highly divided issues, in particular alcohol policy, not much different than the medical marijuana debate. What if alcohol was a state issue as divided as medical marijuana was? Essentially both issues are one in the same. Both involve an
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State v Federal Paper - Dennis Lynch American Politics Any...

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