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Womens Studies First Essay187 - Dennis Lynch Womens studies...

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Dennis Lynch Women’s studies 187 I. “Report from the Bahamas” is an account of author and professor June Jordan’s experience as a vacationer in the Bahamas. Her experience leads to a change in her life outlook as well as the way she views herself as a Black woman in America and abroad. Prior to her vacation, she identifies almost solely based on race, gender, and financial status. After her experience in the Bahamas she more clearly identifies by what she refers to as “connections”, such as shared life experiences, feelings, and views. The essay is based on Jordan’s encounters with the people of the island as well as encounters with hotel matters such as their system of rating maids. She also uses flashbacks to tell the story of students and experiences she has had back stateside and how those anecdotes relate to her changing mindset throughout her trip. She begins by talking about how the hotel celebrates its colonial “history” but neglect to embrace anything to do with the island prior to the White man’s arrival. Bothered by this she contemplates what her maid thinks of her, as well as the thoughts of the other hotel workers. At first she tries to identify with them being a Black woman, but then realizes that race has little to do with identity here, and that she in fact is identified with the people she did not want to be associated with: American tourists. This idea of
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Womens Studies First Essay187 - Dennis Lynch Womens studies...

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